“Who wouldn’t want to work for themselves! Make your own hours, wear whatever you want, make more money?”

Hell yeah!

But then you’re brought back to reality and you’ve got all the reasons why not:

I don’t have enough money!

I don’t know how to start a business!

In the 1800’s there were two ways you could become an entrepreneur:

1) Keep trying things, totally at random, until chance made you a successful independent businessman. Oh, and do this in your spare time, while financing it through your day job. I wouldn’t bet on it.

2) Find a successful business owner, who out of the charity of their heart, wants to teach you what they know.

Good luck 1800’s you.

Today you have access to any knowledge ever created.

Do you want to know how to start a successful landscaping company?

Ask the google.

Do you want to know how a very profitable business is created?

If only there was a way where you could raise money to start any business you want, without giving up any equity?

So here’s where we are now:

You have access to the knowledge that successful people have.

You have the ability to raise as much money as you can, without giving up a tenth of a percent of any ownership.

What happened?

You have something you tell yourself you want, you have the means to get what you want, and you’re not doing what it takes to get it.


You’re scared.

At least you’ve gotten the fake reasons out of the way.

How do you destroy the fear?

If only there was an answer…

Until next time,