Longest drive I’ve ever done was 11 hours, going across a good chunk of the country.

It was a vacation, so I was excited, and even though every mile looked like the last, I didn’t mind the drive.

When I had my last job, I had a 20 minute commute.

Not bad, all things considered.

Isn’t it interesting, how we have a different word for driving to a place, and driving to where we ask for money?

Then why did the commute hurt so badly?

20 minutes is peanuts compared to 11 hours. No brainer right?


When you were a child, if you wanted anything, it came from mom and dad.

Juice? Toys? Anything: mom and dad

Today, you don’t want juice. You want money.

Why does the commute hurt so much?

Because it makes you look in the rearview mirror and admit: I can’t provide for myself.

I need bossman and this company to make money. I watch cat videos, or read about sports, or think about the cute HR hunny until the bell rings.

When you go there, walking on the grass, stamping it down until it’s a path.

Days go by.

One day, the track has been beaten down so hard, it’s like the old paths that wagons drove heading to California in the 1800’s.

The idea of going out on your own is so insane.

You’re so deep in the tracks that turning your wagon is impossible.

Day in, day out: the commute every day forces you to look in the rearview mirror and think:

I can’t earn on my own.

Ask any investors in real estate or private equity: do they care about how far they drive to close a deal?

Not at all.


Because that’s just what. it. takes.

When they drive it, that deal is closed. They’re going to cash that check and move on to the next one.

So why do employees hate their long commute?

Most people are just going to watch Dancing With the Stars anyways. Time in a car vs time looking at the tv doesn’t mean anything.

The real reason?

It forces you to soak, until your fingers are raisins, in the bath of “I can’t earn on my own.”

What’s worse, after the tracks get deep enough, they become impossible to drive out of.

You start to think that there are things called ‘job opportunities’ that you fill out paperwork for. If you don’t fill the paperwork in the right way, you’re never going to make money.

Instead of keeping your ears open for the ‘Angry Interrogatives™’, you listen to ‘Now Hiring’.

Instead of asking ‘how can I make your life better’, you ask ‘how can I make money.”

Instead of taking what you want, you get what you can.

Showing up, pockets out, just looking for money.

If only there was a better way…

Until next time,