Learning from successful people is such a major short-cut to success in anything you want.

A big mistake most people make when trying become more successful is that they’ll ask advice from people who aren’t getting the right results.

Let’s pretend you’re making $60K per year right now, and you want to be earning 500k.

Most people will look for advice from all their friends who are making $50-90K per year.

And they’ll get lots of advice.

All of it worthless.

It’s much better to talk for 15 minutes to a person who’s making $300K per year than it is to spend a month getting advice from people who aren’t at that level.

I’d rather get answers to just one or two questions from someone who’s 10x more successful than me in some area than to talk all day with people who are only on my level.

Something strange: advice from people at your level sounds like it makes sense.


It’s bad advice because maybe it will get you there.

On the other hand, advice from people who are where you want to be will not make sense. That’s because (right now) you don’t think like the people you want to be think.

But going a little deeper, I think there are other reasons people don’t look for advice from those that are kicking more butt than they are.

First, it’s scary.

Walk into the fear. Ask them anyways.

Number two: some people don’t want to hear advice that will make them look at their own problems.

If you don’t like building procedures (checklists, reports, etc), then someone tells you that building procedures is the key to success that might be hard to hear.

It’s much easier to hear what you want to hear.

If you take the easy road, you’ll never get the great results.

After a few years of that, you’ll feel like you’re on a treadmill, doing all this work that just doesn’t get you anywhere you want to be.

You’ll have gotten a lot done, but you won’t be getting the money in the bank.

The reason this happens is often that you’re unconsciously modeling people who are on treadmills too.

Getting and taking advice from people who are already getting the results you want sounds like common sense.

Unfortunately, actually doing this consistently is anything but common.

So feel free to be different.

Until next time,