For a long time I’ve wanted to use more spices when I cook, but I’ve had trouble, just because it’s always a hassle just looking through all of the spices, and trying to get to the back of the cabinet and it’s just a huge hassle so I almost always give up and default to the usual three.

So I’ve got a little trick that has actually gotten me able to use spices more and more without going through the end of the cabinet and just hassling around.

Here’s the trick:

IMG_0132 copy

IMG_0133 copy

So I have this big stack of spices, and whenever I want to get any of my spices, I know to pull out this big stack and can trust that it’s going to be in there.

The cool thing about these is that they all stack together and the bottom of each is the top screw top, so it’s all contained in one big ‘column’.

I had to put the labels on myself of the spices that I use most commonly used: oregano, cinnamon etc.

Whenever I need it, just twist the top off, put a pinch in, twist it back on and boom you’re done.

No more shuffling through spice cabinets, knocking half empty bottles over just to go…whatever…I didn’t really want that anyways.

Keep the big bottles of spices so you can re-fill them when they start to get low, but just put those in a cabinet you don’t use very often.

This way, you free up your whole spice cabinet for whatever else you can think of.

I was given this whole stack as a gift, but I could have gotten it much cheaper on amazon right here.

The one I just linked to is only 6 bucks for 3 stacks of 10, so you can fit 30 spices in them, in the space that it used to take to fit 3 spices. If you’re like me and only use around 10, you can only use one stack and save the rest of them. If you use a bunch of them, it’s probably smart to put leafy spices, like basil, oregano in one, powders like cinnamon, onion powder and salt in another.

When you look at the ratings, it’s going to look like it’s rated low, but it’s really because people bought them without knowing they weren’t individual jars. They didn’t think the top of one screwed into the bottom…so they buy it and they’re disappointed.

Don’t be a dummy, you know what the deal is.

PS: Print out the chart below, hang it on the inside of the cabinet drawer where you keep these spice stacks. If you’re like me and don’t know off hand what to put what in, it’s got about 20 spices and dishes they match with.

Until next time,