What do you do?

What does your business actually do?

“We make drills.”

Wrong answer.

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Stop being so self-centered.

The value you create is The Ability to Make Holes In Things.

With the technology that exists today: you make drills.

Until technology changes, you will keep making drills.

When technology changes, you will either:

1) Change what you do


2) Go out of business

If lasers can be made that will instantly create a hole in drywall, the ‘drill’ market will evaporate over night.

“I don’t believe you, give me an example of how this is happening right now!”

Oh I’ll feed ya, baby birds.

What does a taxi driver do? They drive a taxi!

Stop being so self-centered.

Taxi drivers used to provide people transportation from where they are to where they want to be.

Now Uber does that.

Taxi dispatches took too long, charged too much, had terrible service (the happy, pleasant, accommodating cabbie: not a stereotype for a reason), and you never knew when you were going to have them actually show up, they were dirty, rude.

I want to take a shower after that paragraph.

I’m happy they’re gone.

Think about your own business.

Do you cut lawns?

Or do you make the exterior of people’s houses beautiful?

When you change that question, you instantly find other ways to add value (and make more money).

Could you also teach gardening classes? Could you paint houses? Could you teach people the basics of pruning, so they can maintain their rose bushes themselves, be proud of them while you still handle the big trees and yard?

Could you become a one-stop-shop for the exterior of the house?

Here’s the trick to being smart. It’s a life changer – at least it was for me.

Ask one more question. Go one level deeper.

Until next time,