When you run a business, there’s only two ways to do it.

But, of course, I’m not actually talking about business.

Type 1 – Makers

Do as much as you can to give as much value as possible for your customers.

Give away free work.

Solve problems they didn’t know they had.

Be honest about your faults, and help each other get better.

Try new things (you might fail…yikes!)

Type 2 – Takers

Try to take as much value as you can from your customers.

Be upset when one asks for help.

Send them to voicemail. (Even worse – put them on hold for hours)

“Can we charge people a nickel more?”

Make mediocre ‘me-too’ products.

“I need a zipcode to complete the sale, sir.”

Get an automated ‘customer-do-the-work’ phone menu.

Hire employees who have no way to solve the problems customers have (they’re just there to absorb the hate, and prevent the executives from being accountable).

Most businesses are somewhere in between.


Do you see hard problems people have and try to solve them?

Do you try and lie to people about how good your products are?


Go to Walmart. You can feel how Takers feel when you just step in there.


Business is just relationships between two people (buyer and seller).

Do you work as hard as you can to improve other people’s lives?

Do you look at other people and think about what you can take?

Do you look at people and think what you can give?


That’s why your life is terrible, or isn’t.


People meet other people in two ways:

Either they find people who agree with what they already think, use that as justification for how the world ‘really is’, and lie to themselves about why they can’t improve their life. In some parts of the internet, this is called a ‘circle-jerk’.


They find people who have what they want and find out how they think. “Maybe I don’t have all the answers. Maybe there is something better, and I don’t have it right now.”

Your life is terrible because you surround yourself with Takers. People who just want to take from you.

A wife who only sees a husband as a paycheck.

A husband who only sees his wife as something to have sex with, and watch his kids.

So how can you break that? How can you get more Makers people in your life?

Here’s a problem:

Makers do everything they can to remove Takers from their life.

Why wouldn’t they?

If you just want to take and take and take, why would I want you in my life?

How can you get Makers in your life when you’re a Taker, and Makers won’t let you in their life?

Simple: become a Maker.

If you want to be let into the Maker club, you’ve got to prove it to them. You’ve got to work and improve their lives enough until you can prove you’re really a Maker. It took me literally years of helping out other Maker’s before I got a single good thing for myself.

Here’s the bad news: there is no shortcut. It is not easy.

Here’s the good news: it’s more than worth it.

Imagine if every number in your phone be someone who only wants to make your life better.

Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about how much money was in the bank, because with one phone call you could get hired because of how much Making you’ve done in the past.

It could be your life, if you’re willing to work for it.

Until next time,