I think that a portion of the world has been hurting innocent people, and have been able to get away with it.

They hurt people by misleading people (“I tell you what, I’m looking at the facts and I’ve made up my mind!”), hiding behind plausible deniability (“Whoa, whoa, whoa! I didn’t mean that!”) and playing with people’s emotions.

Imagine I owned a candle store.

I found out that a school shooting happened, and guess who’s candles were at the vigil?

That’s right, ole Jack’s!

Now imagine, if I thought I could sell even more candles if there was another vigil!

So I found out a way to cause school shootings, and I went around doing just that.

Now, I make more money because I caused school shootings: win-win, right?

Thought experiment over.

Now imagine if, instead of selling candles, I sold ad space for AARP commercials, Viagra commercials and anything else scared people want.

For years, the FBI and leading psychologists have told the mainstream media that their glorifying school shootings is very likely to cause other school shootings.

Just like the lunatic in Aurora, CO was talking about how much he admired the lunatic at Virgina Tech, he saw the stories that the media published:

“So if I shoot up a public place, my face and manifesto will be all over national television?”

The media even uses the nicknames they pick for themselves!

These mass killers literally have a press release package:

  1. Manifesto (Sprinkle in some stuff about sheeple, and how lonely you are)
  2. Pictures of You Holding Guns(aimed at camera and with your arms aiming out, please)
  3. A nickname (Go for anti-hero, like the Joker)

Make sure to bundle your package together and we’ll be on our way!

Why do we, as a culture allow these leeches to profit off of causing school shootings?

Next time you walk by a TV that’s talking about them, turn it off.

Until next time,