Are you looking for the single most powerful personal development tool?

I guarantee you, 200% money back, which you can have in your hands in the next 15 minutes.

For less than the cost of a beer at a bar you can buy a…journal!

How you think is the software that your computer is running. It comes to you, mentally in a stream.

A journal lets you see, edit, and improve how you think.

That’s the problem with most people who don’t write in a journal: they don’t have the ability to see how their thought processes change over time.

Most people write in the first person, letting the stream of consciousness just pour out.

This is effective.

But this is like using a bayonet on a rifle.

Effective, and you sure can poke a few holes in problems, but it’s 1/100th of the power and range you’ve got!

How can you use a journal and getting huge results from it, within a week?

Here’s the trick: don’t write in the first person, write in the third person.

Here’s a pretty good journal entry:

“I was upset about my wife who was pissed at me for something I don’t even remember doing. It was seriously the first time I had blah de blah de blah.”

Here’s an awesome entry:

“Jimmy woke up at 10:45, after hitting the snooze button three times. He walked over to the coffee table and ate a piece of day old pizza for breakfast. After that, he smoked a joint and played Call of Duty for 3 hours. His Dominoes finally came and he went to take a nap.”

Even though the guy is a verified piece of garbage, now he has to look at it and realize what he is.

Would anyone disagree with that?


Good, because then neither would he.

When you write and look at your actions in the third person, it’s 1000x easier for you to identify the behaviors you’re not proud of.

At the end of the day, thoughts are hugely important, but actions make results.

Thinking about going to the gym feels good, going is what gets you what you want.

Until next time,