Welcome to the richest part of town.

The cemetery.

Everyone talks about the book they want to write. The movie they want to make. The app they want to make.

That’s the problem.

They only talk.

99.9999999% of people die with their novel inside of them.

“Individually wrapped, placed in neat little rows,

Becoming a piece, of everything that grows.

Some numbers, a name to indicate you played the game,

Came empty handed and left the same.”


Ready for some ice water?

You will die.

I’ve got, hopefully, 50 more years on my ticket. I have dozens of products, inventions and ways to help out other people that I haven’t let out of my head. And I (rightfully) feel terrible about it.

Value: Undelivered.

The worst movie title ever.

The point I see of life, is to help other people. Have other people go ‘Man I’m excited about this!’ and be interested enough where I can give them something in exchange for money.

Here’s the second helping of ice water: you have inventions, products and more inside of you.

Ready for the serious kicker? Here’s the pain I’ve recently turned into happiness.

Value captured.

If you could think of a better summary of a successful business word in two words, I’d buy you a beer.

This is why so many companies kill it, and some get killed. If you’re a value provider, you have revenue. As Derek Sivers says:

 “Revenue is proof that someone, somewhere, cares about what you’re doing. Profit is how good you do it.” -Derek Sivers

This is where things get sticky. You have a few “man that’d be awesome!” ideas in your head.

Here’s my biggest failure personally (so far):

An app that you would put where and when you’re going out and when you want to go home (going to bars, NBA games, conventions, etc). You would put the ‘wiggle room’ in your time, and the app would sort and find similar people who were going to and from the same locations. You’d save money on a car ride, and I’d sell a lead to a personal driver. Boom value created, and captured.

9 months later I read about a company that raised $5 million dollars to make that exact idea.

I didn’t execute, and I didn’t create or capture the value.

This is something I have to live with.

The only question I have is: is this the last one where I won’t see value, or is this the last one where I won’t capture value.

Will you leave your value in the world, or in your grave?


Until next time,