Before I ever actually accomplished anything, I would constantly talk about what I wanted to do.

Not anymore.

I’ve written 3 books so far, and continue to work more on other projects I don’t tell anyone about. There are a few reasons:

 1) When you start talking about what you’re doing, you’ll get the validation from other people like you’ve already done something. When I was 15 I ran a marathon, and the months up to it I told a bunch of people.

Here’s how the conversation always goes:

“I’m running a marathon.”

“OOOHHH wow I could never do that! That’s awesome!”

Repeat x 100.

 Emotional crack. Just looking for another hit from the validation pipe.


Instead of talking, I would have done much better (probably could have cut 30 minutes off my time) if I was out there running, busting my butt.

 2) Talk doesn’t do anything. Simple and plain. When you push words out of your mouth they literally disappear and will never mean anything again.

Work changes the world.

Unfortunately for them, starving kids in Africa can’t eat facebook likes.


Above: Children in Africa fed from Facebook Likes

3) Why would you give anyone a chance to beat you?

When you talk about what you’re going to do, you’re outlining a strategy to beat you. “Here’s a set of actions that I think would benefit the person who does them”.

Thanks, while you’re talking I’ll go take what you’re talking about.

Stay under the radar.


Until next time,