When people talk about making money, it’s easy to get emotional.

I know for years I did.

When you’re making $8.50/hr flipping burgers, barely squeeking by, hearing about hedge fund managers making billions, and you’ve never met anyone who knew any better, why wouldn’t you?

Here’s the truth: money doesn’t care.

You can be furious, screaming until your eyes bleed because GODDAMN IT THE MORTGAGE IS THREE MONTHS BEHIND, THEY REPO’D MY F150 FOUR WEEKS AGO AND I JUST GOT FIRED.

Money doesn’t care.

You could be Warren Buffet, sitting on around $77,000,000,000 (all the money every single person made in Lebanon last year). He made around $12,500,000,000 in 2013.

Money doesn’t care.

You can volunteer at women’s shelters, donate blood, deliver meals on wheels in your free time and be a pediatric ICU nurse who’s buried under a mountain of student loans and credit card debt.

Money doesn’t care.

You can be Jeffrey Epstein, easily worth hundreds of millions of dollars. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s in the news for flying underaged girls into his island for ‘sensual massages’. What actually happened there? Only they know for sure. But guess what?

Money doesn’t care.

It took me years. And I still haven’t gotten there totally yet.

But it’s the truth: money doesn’t care.

Take the money out of your pocket and ask it out loud.

The silence is the answer.

You know what else doesn’t care?


When you were 10, you learned about the water cycle.

The water cycle doesn’t care about you.

Water sits in lakes and oceans. Flows through rivers. Evaporates as water vapor into clouds and then is distributed through rain, watering into different places.

Lakes and oceans slowly change from large-scale movements. Rivers shift from erosion and based on the lakes that feed them.

Water doesn’t care.

Neither does money.

Money sits in bank accounts and assets. Flows through buying assets. Evaporates as dividends into 401k’s and then is distributed through money, investing into different companies.

There’s a money cycle.

It doesn’t care about you.

But the money cycle does happen, and money flows through it.

The water cycle will never change.

But here’s what’s very cool: the money cycle changes every day.

Uber dries the taxi-cab industry’s ocean into a desert, making their own ocean in three years.

LinkedIn (1) takes CareerBuilder.com and Monster.com from industry goliath’s to “Yeah, worth checking…” – do you think their bank accounts show it?

Imagine, in the last seven years, the Mississippi turning left and going through Ohio, flowing into NYC.

Crazy right?

Now imagine, in the last seven years Amazon.com destroying hundreds of mediocre mom n pop stores across the country.

Still crazy?

Now your first reaction: Well, yeah, duh there’s just water out there! But there’s not just money standing out there!

There is.

This year, $77,609,000,000,000 will change hands around the world. Humans have trouble with big numbers, so I’ll put it another way.

$1,000,000 will change hands 212,627 times, every. single. day.

Take a piece for yourself.


Until next time,




1) If LI doesn’t switch to a CRM model (imagine salesforce.com but with every contact and their relationships pre-populated…that’s a lotta duckets.) they’ll get crushed by a competitor with better way to explain their experience than bullet points. But that’s just a former recruiter speaking.