One of the tough things I’ve learned was that principles to doing big things, or being successful don’t have to be confusing.

I thought doing big things in life had to be complex or difficult-to-understand, because so few people do big things.


Here’s something simple to get what you want in life.

It’s called modeling.

Modeling means you find someone who’s got what you’ve got, and see what they did to get there.

No, everyone isn’t the same, but can you follow the recipe someone else wrote?

If you want to find out how to make more money, go find someone who has made a ton of money.

Here’s the tip: find out what made you money in the past, and do more.

Find out what lost you money in the past and don’t do it again.

Is this complex? Nope.

The same way, if someone doesn’t get results like you want, insulate yourself from their advice.

I’ve talked about a fat guy I knew in high school who recommended me this diet advice: eat once a day, a whole Little Caesar’s pepperoni pizza.

Do I want a fat kid body?


Then don’t go on a Fat Kid Diet™.

Is this an overgeneralization?


Is it true most of the time?


Maybe the 110 lb kid who’s a personal trainer might be able to give you some actionable weight lifting advice.

But don’t bet on it.

That’s where modeling comes in.

Ask rich people how to get rich.

Ask jacked guys how to get jacked.

Here’s the twist.

The value of their advice is based on one thing.

How far they’ve come.

If you want to get rich and you’re Paris Hilton, you miiiight have some advice.

If you went from living in a townhouse that had holes in the ceiling from the Blitz of London, and smelled like dog piss to having $750 million dollars: your advice matters.

That’s why I can’t recommend Felix Dennis’s book enough: How to Get Rich

Advice is good hypothetical, but here in reality we need real advice that has been tested.

That’s why the further from the bottom to the top they’ve gone: the further they passed the reality test.

It’s a stupidly simple process but simple ain’t wrong.

What in your life do you want to change?

Can you find one person who has solved the problem before?

With the access you have to any book in the world in your hand within two days on Amazon?

Find someone who got what you want and do what they did.

Repeat that 1000x until it makes sense.

Until next time,