A buddy of mine has a product he’s been working on for a few months, refining it while he figures out exactly how he’s going to launch it.

It is going to be made out of plastic, which can cost up to $100,000 to get started. You have to pay to have expensive metal cut into the shape made where the plastic is injected into it.

He spent a few hours making the views of it, from the side, top, front and back.

He created them in Photoshop and found an obese Romanian woman who was a manufacturing engineer and hired her to make the pictures into CAD drawings.

He thought he gave her everything she needed.

He was wrong.

Not only were the drawings not good enough to create CAD drawings, He found out that the unique selling proposition of the product was impossible to manufacture.

When you’re making something out of plastic, there’s a ton of weird quirks to injection-molding.

Unless it’s thin and can flex, it’s hugely expensive to make anything plastic with screw threading.


So he took $500 he spent trying to get this woman to make the product, considered it an Idiot Tax and went home.

Then I told him about a program called TinkerCAD. Unlike other CAD programs that are hundreds of dollars (some are up to $50k a year!) TinkerCAD was totally free.

If you’re making anything, and want to create a 3d model, give TinkerCAD a few hours.

He spent a few days whipping up something that he could put in front of a design engineer and say “Make it buildable.”

What’s the point?

Do the work yourself first.

Unless you can afford to totally outsource the whole project, you’ll learn more than you can imagine.

When you’re totally ignorant about something, you can learn a ton in a short while.

And remember; learn as much as you can to get to action. So many people spend years learning about a topic and never act.

Learn. Then Earn.

Until next time,