Do You Have Trouble Finding Motivation?

For years, I did too.

For years, I failed.

I wasted a good chunk of my life trying to 'find motivation'.

I'd watch those youtube videos where Will Smith quotes would play over inspiring music and I'd feel *SO MOTIVATED*.

Fifteen minutes later, I felt exactly like I did before: back at the ground floor.

My wasted years are your benefit: I've solved the problem.

Motivation isn't the problem.

The real problem is you're afraid.

Searching for motivation is how people chase their own tail.

Who needs something as weak as motivation to start their own business, quit smoking, get in the best shape of their life or any of the other thousands of things you want to change in your life?

But staring down the shotgun barrel of public failure?


Here's the good news.

We can ignore fear.

We can overcome fear.

We can even destroy fear.

What's In It For You?

  • Two Faces of Fear

    Fear actually has two faces: one of them you can slap, the other you can’t. I’ll show you how to see which is which.

  • Does Your Commute Hurt? Mine Did.

    How to (if you’re interested) move from dragging your heels to work (like I used to) to tap dancin’ into work with a big, goofy smile.

  • The Real Reason Your Life Sucks

    My life sucked for years. Now it doesn’t. There’s one reason your life (like mine) sucks, and it’s because you’re afraid of going for the life you want. Here’s how.

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Why Should I Believe You?

Besides my fake PHD in Fearology from Harvard?

I've been alive for a while now.

Most of the time I was a total wuss, afraid to go after what I wanted.

Not anymore.

If you're looking to stop being afraid of success, failure, judgement and anything else that might be holding you back, then this book's for you.

If not, keep reading my website.

It's free and always will be.

How much is this going to cost?


Why $12?

Because if you and I got together at a bar, it would take me 2 beers to explain everything in here to you.

So pay for the two beers, and get a transcript of what I would have taught you. (This way you can re-read our conversation.)

Like I've said before, if you want to totally take advantage of me, you can buy the book and then return it after you read it.

I'd be bummed out, but then I'd know you're not a person I want to have a relationship with, and you get your money back: win-win!

So if you're sick of being paralyzed by fear,

If you're sick of the life you have (I know I was, I felt like I was living in a fishbowl)

If you're sick of spooking so easily

If you're sick of letting life happen to you, instead you you happening to life:

Then risk nothing, and let me teach you what I know.


For The Cost of 2 Beers, You Can Destroy Fear

Your copy will be available instantly!