10 Ways to Tell It’s Time to Leave a Relationship

I’ve had plenty of bad relationships, so here’s a few ways I’ve suffered, and what you can learn from it. If I had followed these rules 1) If God or some divine being told you it was OK to leave your relationship, would you feel relieved that you could finally leave? If your religion is


The Lowest Form Of Human Life

  I think that a portion of the world has been hurting innocent people, and have been able to get away with it. They hurt people by misleading people (“I tell you what, I’m looking at the facts and I’ve made up my mind!”), hiding behind plausible deniability (“Whoa, whoa, whoa! I didn’t mean¬†that!”) and


The Lies We Tell Ourselves – Or, Buy The Lie

If you’ve ever seen the tv show ‘Dexter’, you noticed that there were a ton of voice-overs. Almost every scene, actually. Why? Because Dexter kills people, something we know you shouldn’t do. The producers of the show knew that we would never believe or empathize with him. The whole time you’d just be asking yourself: