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Emotions – Control Them and Control Yourself

Emotions are a tricky thing, but with some practice, you can learn to get master them. Number one, realize that some people and companies that make money because they teach you to keep the false belief that you need external validation to feel a certain way. Marketers spend billions of dollars each year to convince you that

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Do Your Goals Scare You?

Should we set terrifying goals, where success isn’t guaranteed? Curing polio, creating the iPod, putting a man on the moon? Terrifying. Without terrifying goals, progress forward isn’t possible. If you aim high enough, you never totally fail. You might not get exactly what you wanted, but you will get something new. – Eric Schmidt, former

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Warren Buffet’s Private Mentorship Program

In 2014, a man from Singapore paid $2.17 million dollars to have lunch with Warren Buffet. For maybe 2 hours being able to speak with him. $1,085,000 dollars per hour. I will bet you $10,000 that he only did that to ask Warren Buffet questions. Like Tony Robbins says, the quality of the question is more important