MLM Companies Are Evil, and Should Feel Bad

There’s something in journalism called burying the lead, where you accidentally hide the main point of the story. I’m not a journalist. What is a Multi-Level Marketing company? It’s a company that hires desperate people, looking for a quick, simple and easy way to make a lot of money, and pays them to light their

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You Only Have One Excuse

“Who wouldn’t want to work for themselves! Make your own hours, wear whatever you want, make more money?” Hell yeah! But then you’re brought back to reality and you’ve got all the reasons why not: I don’t have enough money! I don’t know how to start a business! In the 1800’s there were two ways

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The Final Post On Buying a House vs Renting

  I’ve read a few posts people have written about why owning a house, to live in yourself, isn’t a good idea. This is not just ‘not a good idea’: owning a house is the worst financial decision a family can make. Some cultures force-feed girls. Some cultures cut hands off thieves. Our culture tells people it’s


What Does Money Think of You? – Or, The Money Cycle

When people talk about making money, it’s easy to get emotional. I know for years I did. When you’re making $8.50/hr flipping burgers, barely squeeking by, hearing about hedge fund managers making billions, and you’ve never met anyone who knew any better, why wouldn’t you? Here’s the truth: money doesn’t care. You can be furious,

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When you live on a plantation and pick cotton, given no money: obviously that’s slavery. When you work full time just to pay for debt from buying useless stuff, like a car with heated steering wheels or a 4-year degree in Medieval Romantic Poetry you’re still a slave. Just because your plantation is air-conditioned, doesn’t

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How to Get a Job in Manufacturing – The No BS Guide

Are you really happy with your dead-end job? My last job was recruiting for manufacturing companies. They’d pay us a decent amount of money to find different people who they need for their factories. One of the jobs that we would pretty much have a standing order for was machinists. If you didn’t know, machinists


Can You Afford It? The 10 Second Test

That’s something most people literally spend 99% of their waking time worrying about money. Can I afford this car? Can I afford this apartment? Can I afford to go out to the bar this weekend? This is one of the things that pisses me off about bankers when they talk to people who might buy