The Two Stages of Lifting Weights

I have seen dozens of ‘why you should lift weights’ articles. Most of them felt like beating a dead horse. I hope this is something new. There are two stages to lifting weights. When you start lifting weights, it’s almost always because you want to look better physically. Be more muscular, get girls, be intimidating.


The Lies We Tell Ourselves – Or, Buy The Lie

If you’ve ever seen the tv show ‘Dexter’, you noticed that there were a ton of voice-overs. Almost every scene, actually. Why? Because Dexter kills people, something we know you shouldn’t do. The producers of the show knew that we would never believe or empathize with him. The whole time you’d just be asking yourself:

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The Final Post On Buying a House vs Renting

  I’ve read a few posts people have written about why owning a house, to live in yourself, isn’t a good idea. This is not just ‘not a good idea’: owning a house is the worst financial decision a family can make. Some cultures force-feed girls. Some cultures cut hands off thieves. Our culture tells people it’s


How a Man Chooses Friends

When I was really young, I was really good friends with my neighbor who lived a few doors down. The kind of friends where if his mom said he couldn’t play before 9, at 8:59 I’m sitting on his doorstep. I haven’t spoken to him in more than a decade. What changed? I became a