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The Final Post On Buying a House vs Renting

  I’ve read a few posts people have written about why owning a house, to live in yourself, isn’t a good idea. This is not just ‘not a good idea’: owning a house is the worst financial decision a family can make. Some cultures force-feed girls. Some cultures cut hands off thieves. Our culture tells people it’s


Who to Take Advice From – Are You On A Fat Kid Diet?

Learning from successful people is such a major short-cut to success in anything you want. A big mistake most people make when trying become more successful is that they’ll ask advice from people who aren’t getting the right results. Let’s pretend you’re making $60K per year right now, and you want to be earning 500k. Most


How to Get Any Skill You Want

One of the tough things I’ve learned was that principles to doing big things, or being successful don’t have to be confusing. I thought doing big things in life had to be complex or difficult-to-understand, because so few people do big things. Wrong. Here’s something simple to get what you want in life. It’s called modeling.


Negotiation Tips from a Man Worth $750,000,000

When you take advice from someone, it’s a good idea to ask first “Would I want what that person has?” It’s a logical fallacy, blah blah, but it works 99.5% of the time. In high school a fat kid I knew gave me diet advice: only eat once a day, but when you do, eat