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Make Your Home 100x More Comfortable For $35

Like I said in my post about lighting, most of modern life makes us uncomfortable. If I had to design a modern torture facility that didn’t need employees to torture people, I’d pick an office. Fluorescent lighting is cheap, but it’s a killer to creativity. Lighting isn’t the only thing that makes offices uncomfortable. It’s the air-flow.

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A Few Quick Tips: Sunglasses and Cold Drinks

Here’s a few things I thought didn’t stand on their own, so I put them all together here. Sunglasses The best way to use sunglasses is one I learned in college. I lost a few pairs of sunglasses, so I switched to buying cheap knockoffs on Amazon. I was sick of spending money just to

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You Don’t Listen to Podcasts, Right?

Until about three or four years ago, it would have cost a few hundred, even a thousand dollars to get a decent sound system where you live. You’d have to wire your whole place, messing up your walls, getting a huge amp and finally figure out if it would work (and it was always a hassle).

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The Final Post On Buying a House vs Renting

  I’ve read a few posts people have written about why owning a house, to live in yourself, isn’t a good idea. This is not just ‘not a good idea’: owning a house is the worst financial decision a family can make. Some cultures force-feed girls. Some cultures cut hands off thieves. Our culture tells people it’s

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How to ACTUALLY Use Spices When You’re Cooking

For a long time I’ve wanted to use more spices when I cook, but I’ve had trouble, just because it’s always a hassle just looking through all of the spices, and trying to get to the back of the cabinet and it’s just a huge hassle so I almost always give up and default to the