The Lies We Tell Ourselves – Or, Buy The Lie

If you’ve ever seen the tv show ‘Dexter’, you noticed that there were a ton of voice-overs. Almost every scene, actually. Why? Because Dexter kills people, something we know you shouldn’t do. The producers of the show knew that we would never believe or empathize with him. The whole time you’d just be asking yourself:

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You Only Have One Excuse

“Who wouldn’t want to work for themselves! Make your own hours, wear whatever you want, make more money?” Hell yeah! But then you’re brought back to reality and you’ve got all the reasons why not: I don’t have enough money! I don’t know how to start a business! In the 1800’s there were two ways


What Does Money Think of You? – Or, The Money Cycle

When people talk about making money, it’s easy to get emotional. I know for years I did. When you’re making $8.50/hr flipping burgers, barely squeeking by, hearing about hedge fund managers making billions, and you’ve never met anyone who knew any better, why wouldn’t you? Here’s the truth: money doesn’t care. You can be furious,

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Emotions – Control Them and Control Yourself

Emotions are a tricky thing, but with some practice, you can learn to get master them. Number one, realize that some people and companies that make money because they teach you to keep the false belief that you need external validation to feel a certain way. Marketers spend billions of dollars each year to convince you that

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The Pink, Plaid Speedo

Cliff-diving, t-minus 2 hours. An old quarry was turned into the Deliverance version of a public pool. The rope swing was a rotten log with a tattered, green rope at the end of it and probably a few old bodies on the bottom of the quarry. If you could reach, toes off the rocks, you