That’s something most people literally spend 99% of their waking time worrying about money.

Can I afford this car?

Can I afford this apartment?

Can I afford to go out to the bar this weekend?

This is one of the things that pisses me off about bankers when they talk to people who might buy a house. They ask people about their income, to find out ‘how much house they can afford’ instead of ‘how much house do you need’ and put people in debt they don’t need.

“Ok, so if I bump the light bill off for two days, and usually the student loan is a few days late, then I should be able to afford spending $200 at the bar tonight…”

“Alright, the minimum payment this month is $45, so when my paycheck is deposited on the 15th, I’ve got three days…”

Let’s do a quick spot check. Write out what your brain puts after when you say “Can I afford X?”

There is one word that will tell you if you can afford it. If the response to the question is anything but an echoing:


Then you cannot afford it.

If you’re in a CVS and you want a pack of gum, do you have to have to think about whether or not you can afford it?

MJ Demarco introduced me to this idea, and his beautiful phrase is “mental gymnastics” and it is the one thing that you need to remove into your life.

When you have to twist and stretch mentally to figure out a way that it might work for you, that’s you trying to manipulate the truth into this alternate reality of pretend-finance.

It can hurt sometimes to seriously stop looking through some fantasy goggles.

Reality is tough.

But so are you.

Until next time,