When I was younger, I used to always ask successful people: “Have any advice?”

I thought it was a good question. I was looking for something I could learn, from some who knew it.

Looking back, this is a terrible question. Learn from my mistake.

It’s like asking: “What’s Europe like?”

Do you mean the food, languages, cultures, rich people, poor people, weather, Norway, Turkey, Spain?

It’s such a huge category, most unprepared people usually make a joke because they’re uncomfortable with how they don’t have an answer.

The reason it’s so hard for successful people to give advice is a mental shift called a ‘gestalt’.

A good way to imagine a gestalt is like a mosaic.

When you have a mosaic there are tiles laid out. Each one, independently, means nothing.

But when the thousands of tiles are all put together, you don’t just have tiles anymore: you’ve got a picture that’s a finished object.

Imagine your trying to learn how to start a successful business, and you ask a successful businessman: how do you start a succesful business? Well…you start one.

By spending so much time in the trenches of business, they automatically know that successful businesses have individual tiles: payroll, taxes, bookkeeping, CRM, etc. These tiles, on their own, mean nothing. Put together, and you’ve got a successful business.

Lay enough tile without thinking about it and you forget how to explain it to people who don’t also lay tile.

When you’re looking to get advice from someone successful, don’t ask for ‘advice’. (If they’re willing)

Give them details, then options of what to do, and only ask why they picked them.

Learning why they think the way they do will start to teach you how to start thinking like they do.

That’s why so many ‘get successful’ people are always talking on and on and on about mindstate.

Because your day-to-day tactics are just tiles. Make this phone call. Email this person. Upload that file.

But when you’ve got the mindset (strategy) right: the tiles will all fall into place.

Until next time,