Here’s a few things I thought didn’t stand on their own, so I put them all together here.


The best way to use sunglasses is one I learned in college.

I lost a few pairs of sunglasses, so I switched to buying cheap knockoffs on Amazon. I was sick of spending money just to eventually lose it, so I started buying $3 versions, 5 at a time.

Put one pair in your car, a few pairs in your coat’s pockets, and one in your gym bag: guarantee that you’ll never be without them.

Solve the problem before it happens.

Cooling drinks

If you’ve got a can you want to cool, the single fastest way to cool it is put it in a bowl, totally covered in ice.

Sprinkle salt on it, then cover the ice with cold water.

The salt lowers the melting point of water, making it possible to have water below 32º.

Water absorbs energy (heat) 26 times faster than air.

If you’re low on ice, this is what I use:

Cut a 2-liter, and it uses the least amount of ice to fully cover the can.



I have contacts, so my eyes get pretty dry. I used to get those small green bottles, but they only lasted a month or so. They’re $11 for half an ounce. Total ripoff.

I started using bottles of saline solution (for contacts), which are $3 for 12 ounces. You can’t carry one with you all the time, but you can have one at your house and in the office. Good way to save a little money.


  • When you’re reading a book and taking a break, don’t put the bookmark on the page you’re on. Put it 3 pages before. Reading a book is like riding a bike: it’s hard to get started from a stand still.
  • If your iPod’s headphones get twisted up (twisted, not knotted), hold the cord at the top, and let the iPod hang and spin until it’s straight.
  • If you’re at the gym, and you find on your clothing either denim or buttons, you’re dressed like a dummy.
  • If you have a curtain, not a door for your shower, you should have an inside, and outside curtain. The outside one is usually decorative. The inside one stops the water from leaving the tub and should be a cheap, disposable liner (they mold easily and should be rotated every 3-4 months).

Until next time,