Which Locker Was Mine? – Or, How Not To Get Lost

I spend a lot of time at the gym. I use my locker a few times every visit, and I’m bummed by how poorly designed they are. I usually have to try 3 or 4 lockers (they have built in locks, so I don’t need a colored combo lock) before I find the one my


The Two Stages of Lifting Weights

I have seen dozens of ‘why you should lift weights’ articles. Most of them felt like beating a dead horse. I hope this is something new. There are two stages to lifting weights. When you start lifting weights, it’s almost always because you want to look better physically. Be more muscular, get girls, be intimidating.


Cars Are Dumb – Or, Binary vs Spectrum Signaling

I’m a big fan of design. Good design scales logarithmically, think about the good design of the iPhone. How many people did that affect? There’s bad design on cars, and it can serve as a learning lesson for us. There’s two main signals (things that express status) on cars so other drivers can predict and


MLM Companies Are Evil, and Should Feel Bad

There’s something in journalism called burying the lead, where you accidentally hide the main point of the story. I’m not a journalist. What is a Multi-Level Marketing company? It’s a company that hires desperate people, looking for a quick, simple and easy way to make a lot of money, and pays them to light their


The Lies We Tell Ourselves – Or, Buy The Lie

If you’ve ever seen the tv show ‘Dexter’, you noticed that there were a ton of voice-overs. Almost every scene, actually. Why? Because Dexter kills people, something we know you shouldn’t do. The producers of the show knew that we would never believe or empathize with him. The whole time you’d just be asking yourself:

Home Living

Make Your Home 100x More Comfortable For $35

Like I said in my post about lighting, most of modern life makes us uncomfortable. If I had to design a modern torture facility that didn’t need employees to torture people, I’d pick an office. Fluorescent lighting is cheap, but it’s a killer to creativity. Lighting isn’t the only thing that makes offices uncomfortable. It’s the air-flow.

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You Only Have One Excuse

“Who wouldn’t want to work for themselves! Make your own hours, wear whatever you want, make more money?” Hell yeah! But then you’re brought back to reality and you’ve got all the reasons why not: I don’t have enough money! I don’t know how to start a business! In the 1800’s there were two ways