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How to ACTUALLY Use Spices When You’re Cooking

For a long time I’ve wanted to use more spices when I cook, but I’ve had trouble, just because it’s always a hassle just looking through all of the spices, and trying to get to the back of the cabinet and it’s just a huge hassle so I almost always give up and default to the

Being An EmployeeMoney


When you live on a plantation and pick cotton, given no money: obviously that’s slavery. When you work full time just to pay for debt from buying useless stuff, like a car with heated steering wheels or a 4-year degree in Medieval Romantic Poetry you’re still a slave. Just because your plantation is air-conditioned, doesn’t

Being An EmployeeMoney

How to Get a Job in Manufacturing – The No BS Guide

Are you really happy with your dead-end job? My last job was recruiting for manufacturing companies. They’d pay us a decent amount of money to find different people who they need for their factories. One of the jobs that we would pretty much have a standing order for was machinists. If you didn’t know, machinists


How a Man Chooses Friends

When I was really young, I was really good friends with my neighbor who lived a few doors down. The kind of friends where if his mom said he couldn’t play before 9, at 8:59 I’m sitting on his doorstep. I haven’t spoken to him in more than a decade. What changed? I became a